Dyfi donkeys at Barlings Barn!


One of our lovely guests booked these sweet creatures to come to the Barlings paddock to give rides to their grandchildren.  A great time was had by all.  The children loved feeding and petting the gentle donkeys.  They normally give rides on Aberdyfi beach but actually live quite close to us here.


If you’d like to treat your family members do please get in touch with Louise Peeters  (giving her a bit of notice naturally) at Dyfi Donkeys.  01650 511724 or 0771 7020344


Email to dyfidonkeys@btinternet.com   


Visit the website at www.aberdyfi.com/dyfidonkeys


In 2009 Louise’s charge was 40 for the first hour (including return transport) then 15 for subsequent hours and she said that she is happy for you to brush and feed the donkeys while they are here.








For further details: Phone: +44 (0) 1650 521479 or e-mail us at barlbarn@hotmail.co.uk


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